Saturday, November 5, 2011

La couscousserie de l'horloge (Avignon)

I love some maghreb cuisine, whenever it's genuine and doesnt include dried fruits and dates.. and even though I lean towards moroccan food, this algerian place has served us some insanely gorgeous food.. and tons of it :D the lamb was absolutely amazing.. golden tasty surface holding juicy meat that melted in our mouth. the briks (specially the fromage et menthe one) were delicate and fried perfectly.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


today i was surfing the net around for food and i bumped into a shortbread recipe involving non-dairy butter. now wait a second.. unless you meant non-diarrhee, which i totally understand, if it's non-dairy it's not butter. period.
said that, either you're a poor soul who is intolerant to lactose so i truly feel for you and understand your try.. or i dont really get the point of wanting to eat shortbread, out of all the cookies in the world, without using real butter. it's like making crepes without using actual egg.

i'm not a fat cooking maniac, but when i lived in finland i used to be bewildered in front of the tons of weird margarines piled up in the supermarket fridge. that's crap more than butter, if you dont want to use dairy fat just stick to oils for food's sake.


vanilla caramel black tea and shortbread leaves with homemade strawberry compote, fresh strawberries and mint leaves

black rice risotto with salmon filet, white sesame and coriader seeds

corn flour and lemon zest pudding

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

venus and the shrimps

mmh i love black venus rice with seafood, specially big tasty shrimps.
its perfume is so nice, isnt it.. it almost doesnt need any spice nor herbs. usually i complete the dish with a pinch of freshly ground mix of black and white pepper and a little coriander.

among all the various teas i drink everyday like there's no tomorrow, i usually drink a (generous) cup of genmaicha after dinner.. for some reason i find it an awesome way to top my meal, with that grassy yet slighty salty roasted rice aroma :)